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Spring break is a quickly fading memory and summer vacation still seems far away. If it feels like the doldrums at your house, movie theater owners share your despair.

The year’s first presumed blockbuster — Paramount Pictures' and Marvel Entertainment’s “Iron Man 2” — doesn’t come to town for two more weeks, and it’s entirely likely that none of the new movies in wide release this weekend, including the romantic comedy "The Back-Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez, will make much of a splash, according to people who have seen pre-release audience surveys.

Indeed, the likely winner at the box office could be DreamWorks Animation's and Paramount's holdover "How to Train Your Dragon," which could gross about $14 million for the weekend. It should narrowly surpass another holdover, the Lionsgate action film “Kick-Ass,” and the debut of "The Back-Up Plan."

Even though the 3-D "How to Train Your Dragon" opened below expectations March 26, the movie about a misfit boy and his oversized pet has held up very strongly, selling $161.8 million in tickets so far in the U.S. and Canada.