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Warner Bros. is releasing “The Losers,” a $25-million DC comic book adaptation that was financed by producer Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment. The movie, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana, is strongest among 20-something men, but it's not on everybody’s radar and may lose ticket sales to “Kick-Ass.” An opening around $10 million looks possible. If the fanboy reaction is enthusiastic (early reviews are mixed but mostly favorable), the weekend gross could be higher.

Disney is introducing its environmental documentary “Oceans.” Narrated by Pierce Brosnan, the exceptionally well-reviewed movie was timed to premiere on Thursday’s 40th annual Earth Day. A year ago, the studio tried the same strategy with “Earth,” which opened to $8.8 million and ultimately grossed more than $32 million. “Oceans” should have a slightly smaller opening — about $5 million, not counting its Thursday grosses.